Fast Data Masking™ for SQL Server

Data Masking Tool for SQL Server
Datamaker™ is installed inside a major UK government department that cannot afford to be seen to flout the data protection laws. If you have similar concerns, you should contact Grid-Tools to find out more."

Bloor (Independent IT research analyst)

Data Masking Tool for SQL Server

Do you struggle with managing and sharing sensitive data throughout your organisation for testing and development and require a solution for masking sensitive data records?


Data masking, data obfuscation, data scrambling or data anonymisation, is the process of treating your data so that it is un recognizable and meets the current compliance criteria set in place by the PCI DSS, HIPAA, the GLBA, SOX or the DPA. Grid-Tools offer numerous methods for data masking across multiple platforms. Fast Data Masking™ for SQL Server is a solution inside the Datamaker™ suite which allows fast and easy data masking methods specifically for SQL Server, making your testing and development environments faster and more efficient – saving your organization time and money!


In modern IT environments, many organizations are dealing with pressures to remain compliant. Likewise, organizations with sensitive data, like those in the public, health care or finance sector, must continue to de-identify incredibly sensitive information before it is visible to anyone, even members of their own organization. Fast Data Masking™ offers an easy and effective solution for environments with SQL Server.


Example performance run-times for the Grid-Tools data masking for SQL Server solution


Scramble table 100,000 rows


[ID]                                 numeric (10)     NOT NULL,
[START_DATE]             datetime         NOT NULL,
[END_DATE]                 datetime         NOT NULL,
[POSTCODE]               varchar (20)     NOT NULL,
[PRICE]                         numeric (10)     NOT NULL,
[CRB_NOTES]             varchar (2000)    );





Diagram below – values 2 and 3 across network to laptop specified: Dell Latitude D800 2GB Ram Windows XP professional 1.7 GHz Intel Centrino processor

sql server chart

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